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Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations

Currently, there is no exhaustive generally accepted classification of types and forms of communication; however, it is generally accepted that advertising, personal selling, propaganda, and sales promotion together form a “communication complex” of marketing. Check the main components of marketing operations in the article below. What Is the Importance of Marketing Operations and Communications? Modern … Continue reading Marketing Operations

how to engage customers

Engage Customers More Effectively

With the explosion of digital channels available to businesses and consumers to make purchase decisions, marketers must deliver consistent, contextual, and relevant personal experiences across web, mobile, social, email, support, and retail. Doing so is fundamental to acquiring customers effectively, building deeper engagement, and creating lasting brand loyalty today. Customer Insights We believe deep customer … Continue reading Engage Customers More Effectively

Modern Marketing Organization

Build a Modern Marketing Organization

We believe that while the marketing organization has been, in many respects, turned upside down in the last decade, meeting the challenge to build compelling and innovative content and Omni-channel customer engagement execution has never been more exciting and achievable for marketing teams. Today, marketing leaders are faced with transforming their team, adding new skills, … Continue reading Build a Modern Marketing Organization

Content Marketing

Optimize Customer Experience with Content Marketing

We believe that quality content is at the heart of every effective digital strategy. However, it’s well-tested that content creation doesn’t guarantee audience and lead generation. Even more importantly, with today’s hyper-connected audience, human attention is often the limiting factor in the consumption of content. Marketers must reach their audiences at the moments that most … Continue reading Optimize Customer Experience with Content Marketing