Marketing strategies are increasingly being supported and enabled by the data stemming from a company’s marketing technology stack. Whether it’s automated customer experience personalization, performance management and marketing effectiveness, or the voice of customer initiatives, the systems and processes managed by the internal Marketing Operations group play a critical role in maximizing responsiveness and agility. As organizations continue to bring on more martech, gaining access to more data, marketing operations groups become less efficient due to the difficulties involved in integrating these systems - and unifying data analysis and optimization. Our Marketing Operations practice helps organizations collect and analyze available data and technology efficiently and effectively, in a way that best supports internal growth initiatives, while also delivering positive ROI from every piece of marketing tech.



Marketing analytics go far beyond visualizing metrics commonly used for daily optimization (think CTR, CPA, etc.). Analytics play a much larger role in supporting strategic marketing decisions required at all levels of an organization — top to bottom, one side to the other. We help brands instrument accurate and comprehensive real-time analytical frameworks that align to each individual stakeholder’s needs across all business units.


Orchestrating the systems and data that keep marketing and sales organizations running can often inhibit organizational agility and cost-effectiveness over time. Rationalizing martech periodically helps brands manage unnecessary spend, while ensuring the technology in place continues to augment rather than hinder a brand’s holistic marketing strategy.


When the desire to support new/existing initiatives and marketing technology outpaces your organization’s available resources, onboarding additional trained marketing experts can help keep things on track without sacrificing rigor or quality. Our staff augmentation can support everything from martech deployment to systems integration to daily analytics, until brands are trained and staffed to take the ball and run with it.

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