Leverage Advanced Data

Data Science and Advanced Marketing Analytics

Analytics usually goes bad when the data is bad, the wrong questions are asked, and there is weak linkage between cause and effect.

Fjuri Blog brings marketers and data scientists together to evaluate marketing initiatives and campaign effectiveness. We’ll make recommendations to increase marketing performance and ROI by marrying our experience with the gold standard in analytical technique: data based on results of real, custom-designed marketing experiments and A/B testing.

We’ll define, with you, what outcomes you are trying to drive for your business and to define the marketing initiatives we could apply and run real-world experiments with to choose which to scale and which to sunset.

Predictive Analytics

Deriving meaningful intelligence from large volumes of complex and unstructured data can be very challenging, yet so critical to prioritizing and directing marketing effort and resources effectively.

Our experts bring you powerful machine learning-based predictive scoring. Leverage your first-party data, third-party data, data science, and programmatic machine learning to prioritize leads for sales and marketing, create custom audiences for improved campaign performance, identify the most likely high-value customers, those customers most likely to churn, and other custom predictive scoring models.

Customer Accelerator Program will allow you to easily build predictive models, score leads, generate new leads, and add data insights to the leads within your CRM or Marketing Automation System.

This is a very cost effective way to get started with predictive analytics, as we can create predictive scores without data scientists and the complexity of creating mathematical equations, algorithms and complex associations of data.

Data Enrichment

Many companies today are plagued with data silos and incomplete information about their customers, hindering their ability to deliver personalized experiences that are consistent across touch points to improve customer acquisition, retention, and effectively seize cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

We access both online and offline behavioral data including social-graph details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities and skills, and demographics. These attributes are matched to your first-party data, and used in machine learning models to improve customer acquisition, retention, cross sell and upsell marketing activities.

Data Visualization and Smart Dashboards

With the explosion of online marketing channels, marketers are left with a lot of data and measurements, and often the illusion of insight.

We believe important stories and insights live inside these vast amounts of complex data, and data visualization and smart dashboards are a powerful means of discovering, understanding, and communicating these stories effectively. We believe that in the age of growth marketing, being able to understand performance drivers and making data-driven decisions fast is a critical capability of modern marketing organizations.

We’ll connect your data sources – databases, spreadsheets or SaaS platforms such as CRM systems, Marketing Automation Platforms or Web Analytics Platforms – and create dashboards that enable the discovery of powerful insights regarding marketing performance and business goals.