Align Marketing and Sales

Fjuri Blog brings marketers and sales operations experts together to create shared definitions across the marketing and sales funnel. Through facilitated, custom-built workshops, we will first ensure there is clarity on shared goals, strategies, and marketing programs. We’ll create a common definition of who the customer is and what their motivations, behaviors and activities are. We’ll bring both marketing and sales teams together through a process to outline what, specifically, qualifies a lead as an MQL and SQL and when they become a sales opportunity.

Our authors will instrument your organization with metrics and dashboards that measure and represent the entire lead generation and conversion process, with specific focus on a closed-loop lead management. Your organization will have real-time visibility into lead generation, lead prioritization through predictive scoring, lead nurturing, lead flow to the sales development organization and sales representatives, plus conversion and disposal rates and reasons. Ultimately, your organization will have a “single version of the truth” around a shared set of metrics that represent the full marketing and sales funnel, enabling your leaders to quickly identify constraints and opportunities to make effective adjustments to demand generation programs, nurturing content, sales capability, and capacity to achieve your revenue targets.

Sales Enablement

In the digital age, prospects and customers are increasingly discerning and well-educated, conducting in-depth research online long before connecting with a salesperson. When that connection happens, sales organizations are often not enabled to have an expert, personalized discussion that ties into their prospect’s business problems and their company’s value proposition.

Fjuri Blog will build a custom sales enablement program that allows your sales teams to get their hands on expert knowledge and tailored content aligned to your company’s target buyer and sales motion at each stage of the decision journey.

We’ll focus on the product marketing process for efficient content creation, personalization, and delivery process to the sales organization. We’ll create a measurement framework for its usage and effectiveness in consistently and systematically moving opportunities through the sales pipeline.

Finally, we’ll create a feedback loop process from the sales organization to product marketing to capture anecdotal feedback, in addition to content performance in accelerating pipeline metrics, to ensure content is refreshed often, giving sellers more time back to focus on closing deals.

Sales Development Process

The relationship between sales complexity and customer acquisition cost is exponentially proportional and optimizing conversion rates play an extremely important role in growing revenue profitably. Sales Development as a function is increasingly recognized as a critical success factor in the alignment of marketing and sales and in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of sales organizations.

Through a combination of data analytics, predictive scoring, outbound marketing list generation, and problem-solution optimized content and enablement, Fjuri source will create a custom sales development process to catalyze marketing and sales alignment and performance. We’ll work with you to create a team and process that focuses on the front end of the sales cycle, enabling this team with the most effective sales materials aligned with the buyer persona and their needs and motivations.

Fjuri initiative will create the capability for your SDR team to qualify marketing-generated leads and, most importantly, decide the next step for a prospect, plus disqualify the ones that aren’t a good fit and send them back to the nurture stream or put them in front of sales executives with a clear hand-off and lead acceptance process. We’ll create a built-in feedback loop mechanism to enable continuous improvement, connected to the marketing team and enabling them to adjust their demand generation programs and content with real-time, real-world insight from sales conversations.