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How many B2B marketers agree that the problem is not the lack of data, but the ability to draw insight from the data they have 1


The approximate number of marketing technology solutions that exist today, twice as many as one year ago, and up from only 150 in 2011.


Percentage of marketers who plan to implement predictive analytics capability to improve marketing outcomes 1

1 Forrester 2015 From Insight to action: How predictive analytics improve B2B outcomes

We see three fundamental truths to marketing today:

Customer experience
is the new Brand

Delivering consistent and relevant personal experiences across web, mobile, social, email, support, and retail is fundamental to building deeper engagement and lasting brand loyalty today.

Data is the
new Strategy

Today winning requires data—the more the better. Real-time data delivered with true insight to the right decision makers is essential for understanding customers more deeply and spotting shifts that let you learn fast and act faster.

Execution with Speed
and Agility = Success

Having real-time data and insights along with the right people empowered to execute the right measures quickly is fundamental for marketing organization’s success. The capability to quickly identify what is working and rapidly deploy or redeploy makes all the difference.

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