Customer Insights

We believe deep customer insights start with the quality of your data, and how it’s captured. Fjuri will work with you to bring together data from your source systems and enrich your first-party data with attributes available through third-party data.

We will apply advanced analytics to understand how your current and potential customers behave and make choices and decisions in different contexts. Using predictive modeling, we can determine how they might behave in the future.

At Fjuri, to make customer insights truly powerful, we go beyond pattern-recognition and predictive analytics and draw on behavioral psychology and economics as well as ethnographic and firmographic research. This powerful combination allows us to meaningfully understand customer needs, decisions, and buying behaviors and accurately target and engage them rationally and emotionally to drive action.

Customer Experience Strategy

We believe customer experience is the new brand. Our view of modern, world-class marketing is that beautifully designed, creative experiences are a means to a business end that goes beyond building brands and selling products: it means effectively and efficiently acquiring new customers while maximizing the lifetime value of existing ones.

Fjuri will codify how your target and actual customers make decisions and create a dynamic and contextual end-to-end, from consideration to loyalty, customer decision journey map. These journey maps will not only serve as the blueprint to create dynamic, multi-channel customer experiences but also as a foundational strategic planning tool for marketing, helping us align your investments in people, process, technology, and content to the most influential touchpoints.

We’ll bring you a data-driven view of how target customers enter the decision journey, the activities performed within each experience touch point, desired and actual outcomes at each step, and an emotional measurement overlay of pains and gains throughout the journey.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We believe world-class marketing focuses on positioning compelling value in customers’ minds—and to do so successfully, your marketing efforts must offer an incredibly clear perspective on how your products and services solve their problems.

Based on data-driven customer insights, Fjuri will create highly granular customer segments, insightful and dynamic profiles, and identify the highest priority targets for acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs.

Fjuri will help you develop compelling value propositions and create specific offers mapped to your target customers. We’ll define if and how to adjust pricing, delivery channels, or sales models, plus we’ll define the best channel mix to reach prospects and customers, and create state-of-the-art capabilities to recognize them, in real-time, and present them with unique, relevant, and personalized content and offers across all touchpoints.

MarTech Blueprint

We are witnessing explosive growth in the marketing technology landscape, with the number of vendors growing from roughly 105 in 2011 to nearly 4,000 in 2016, with IDC predicting the marketing software market is expected to grow to more than $32.3 billion in 2018, up 42% from 2015.

All marketers are faced with the complexity of choosing the right marketing technology tools for effective, end-to-end digital marketing. The number and importance of considerations around process integration, organizational capability, and alignment to the overall customer engagement and experience strategy make it a challenging process for marketing leaders to navigate.

Fjuri will create a custom MarTech blueprint for your company to help you make smart technology decisions. We do that by focusing the architecture design on the marketing process level, interdependency to other systems and tools, and the organizational capabilities required to effectively create value from technology investments.

Align Marketing
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Optimize Customer Experience with Content Marketing

Build a Modern Marketing Organization

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