Managing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or CLTV) is integral to building a cost-effective growth engine, informing and accelerating upsell, and new customer acquisition. The process starts the moment you acquire a new customer and continues through ongoing engagement to improve customer experience and grow share of wallet. In short, the ever-increasing availability of data and predictive analytics can make the process of engaging, retaining, and up-selling and cross-selling even more effective…if it’s implemented and managed correctly. Our Customer Value Management practice focuses on increasing customer lifetime value by building, analyzing, and managing CLTV metrics and by implementing customer success and win-back initiatives to more effectively target the next generation of consumers.



While it’s not always preventable, it’s possible to manage and mitigate. By identifying the root causes and predictive indicators of churn and designing solutions for “at risk” micro-segments, we help business units reduce customer churn rate while increasing customer satisfaction.


Up-sell, cross-sell, and win-back programs are key to increasing your customer LTV. We instrument, build, and execute programs — similar to those driving customer acquisition — that build target audiences, assess predictive analytics, and craft personalized communications that go far beyond the occasional email blast.


Monitoring, responding to, and drawing insights at every touchpoint along the customer journey is critical to building customer experiences that enable customer success. Our managed customer experience program supports organizations by accelerating the process, allowing for you to get up and running while you build the capability to manage the program in-house.

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