Customer Insights & Targeting

The first step to winning the battle for content marketing relevance and digital marketing engagement is to invest in data quality initiatives, especially for core customer data and targeting. Beyond the important element of matching customer identity across as many touch points as possible, which faces both technical and regulatory challenges, there are many more system dynamics that make up a successful approach to understanding and managing the complexity of this new environment—especially as we accelerate the speed by which feedback loops operate at the intersection of technology and human decision and interaction.

Fjuri will help you gain insights about your target customer’s behaviors and motivations, and will profile them in in terms of their personas, lifetime value, sales cycles, and how content consumption and media habits impact their decision journeys. We’ll then help you map marketing offers, content, and communications based on each target profile. Fjuri builds dynamic, highly granular micro segmentation for marketers to deploy marketing campaigns against the highest priority customers, with high relevance and deeply contextual content, and offers to maximize revenue, retention, and renewal.

Inbound Marketing Systems & Platforms

All marketers are faced with the complexity of choosing the right marketing technology tools for effective digital marketing from a sea of MarTech platforms, which exploded to nearly 4,000 in 2016.  For many marketers, the prospect of selecting the right platforms and the connected systems required to make them effective in the organization is like managing a complex recipe where you have to find the right mix of ingredients and the right balance that work for you based on your business objectives.

Effective content marketing isn’t ONLY about creating the right content. The right digital marketing technology tools are required for successful content marketing strategy to be effective. Whether it’s helping you select the right inbound marketing platform or integrating those platforms into your marketing operation, Fjuri will help optimize your technology and process to drive effective results, because we know that you won’t effectively attract, acquire, and engage an audience without the proper systems to manage customer data, create compelling content, and deliver relevant product information to the right audience at the right time.

Content Personalization and Relevance

Putting the customer at the center is certainly the intent for every marketer, however the reality is that often many things get in the way of the execution, which can stand in the way of creating more connection with consumers who want to engage with brands, products, and services that are relevant to them. Too often they struggle with digital experiences that are frustrating or broken or in many cases lack relevance to them.

Increased engagement results from explicitly shaping systems to address consumer needs and user experiences. A consumer-centered approach focuses your organization by aligning process and technology with  consumer needs and desires. This approach also clarifies the distinction between platforms and applications. This distinction enables the enterprise to clearly separate roles and responsibilities, such that IT can own platforms while business stakeholders can own specific applications.

Content Strategy & Lead Nurturing

Fjuri will create a content production strategy with the explicit intent of deploying across multiple touch points and managing a portfolio of high and low-production-value content to boost agility and optimize for reuse. We’ll create a production framework that describes the core content elements and their formats, and the process that governs sourcing, approval, and distribution of content assets in each channel.

Fjuri will rigorously and systematically test and measure content performance using A/B and multivariate testing. We’ll also create a framework and plan for hypothesis-driven experimentation to generate new ideas and iterate on existing content.

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