The people and processes within an organization are just as important as its marketing strategy, value propositions, and analytical foundation. It’s no wonder that companies with highly engaged employees show the highest levels of profitable growth. Ultimately, the people within an organization are best equipped to bring the brand’s strategy to life, while also delivering the customer experiences necessary to attract and retain customers day-in and day-out. The Organization and Transformation practice focuses on helping organizations foster employee engagement and develop the right skills, capabilities, and processes necessary to achieve a competitive advantage.



Periodically assessing and redesigning the structure of marketing organizations as they grow and evolve can spur innovative thinking and strengthen its capabilities. We help brands articulate a clear vision of where they’re headed and develop the right structure and capabilities required to achieve that vision.


The organization that learns fastest is often the one that wins. Accomplishing that requires the capability to rapidly test a hypothesis, uncover insights, and deploy learnings quickly. We help brands build internal processes that mitigate propagation of roles and responsibilities while removing the unnecessary and complex activities that are common culprits of inefficiency.


Becoming an effective marketing leader requires ongoing reflection and introspection. Combining that with the periodic outside perspective of a trained executive coach or seasoned marketing executive helps validate what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve upon what skills are already there. We provide individually tailored programs catered to myriad roles/responsibilities within modern marketing organizations.

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