Simply put, we believe quality customer experiences are built around insights stemming from data’s ability to identify what’s working, what’s not, and what we’ve yet to explore. It’s hard to ignore the chatter surrounding customer experience, and how it is quickly proving itself to be the greatest source of truth we as marketers have access to. But there’s a void to many of these conversations — one that bridges the hypothetical with the actionable. In truth, there are a million ways to approach analyzing customer experience, but the endgame is the same: uncover key insights that will inform how to foster a better customer experience. Insights are what all successful marketing strategies are based on — an unmet need, an opportunity to delight, a new way to segment the market — but here’s the catch: Identifying these insights is an art and science unto itself. Ultimately, the challenge lies in determining the best way to collect, compile, order, view, visualize, and analyze data. As cliché as it may sound, insights are only as good as the data used to inform them. And if the customer experience isn’t set up to best collect the data containing authentic human truths about your customers, the critical decision-making that’s based on those insights will be forever flawed.



Developing a prioritized set of unique target customer segments is the foundational exercise in building a quality modern marketing strategy. We help brands identify these segments through prioritized qualitative and quantitative methods, including depth interviews, surveys, focus groups, and outside research, informing the personas that future marketing planning and execution will be built around.


Who is involved in the purchase process? Are there influencers or gatekeepers that you need to market to? What information are they looking for? Where do they look for that information? By mapping the buyer's journey for each target, we can inform channel mix, content, and customer experiences to better meet customer needs.


Continuously monitoring, responding to, and drawing insights at every touchpoint along the customer journey is critical to any agile customer experience engine. Our managed customer experience program accelerates the launch of these activities by providing an immediate yet interim staffing solution capable of filling the gaps required while in-house resources are put into place.


To learn more about customer perceptions of your brand, experiences with your products, or views and preferences to inform your content, we build and execute customer research studies around business objectives, leading to actionable insights that can further inform customer experience strategies.

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