We spent our careers on the
ground facing these challenges firsthand. 


Fjuri works shoulder to shoulder with marketers to diagnose and invest wisely against the critical opportunities to drive the most incremental value in marketing performance.

We focus our work on your business objectives first. We quickly dive in with your teams to do a capability assessment, create hypotheses and run transparent analyses using your existing data to understand the cause and effect on marketing performance in your business.

We’ll identify possible solutions, considering your budget and timeline and then rigorously execute shoulder to shoulder with your team, simultaneously focusing on driving marketing performance and building capabilities and repeatable processes for your team.

To enable shorter projects that provide clearer ROI, de-risk your investment, and give the attention a successful project requires, we focus on prioritizing quick prototype initiatives, execute them together and get real-world feedback by analyzing performance data. We’ll determine what works, what needs improvement and only then scale out marketing programs more broadly.

We measure our success not only by the business results we achieve, but also by how capable your team is at repeating the cycle of performance improvement without us.

At the core of our approach, we believe addressing the opportunities of the digital age requires a comprehensive approach across people, processes and the technology you use.


The organization, people, and skills required to thrive in the digital era are much different than those needed in years past—and they’ll continue to evolve. Today, marketers need to be more analytical, technically competent, innovative, and adaptable.


In the digital era, brands and products are judged by customers’ interactions across every touchpoint. Marketing is central to establishing a consistent customer journey and compelling experience, as well as generating the required demand to fuel your continued growth.


These days, a well-reasoned, comprehensive and scalable technology solution architecture is essential, but seemingly every week another tool promising to help marketing organizations drive growth is unveiled. A marketing technology blueprint grounded on marketing processes and how they affect customer experience is fundamental to cut through the noise and select the right capabilities that technology brings to deliver on your aspirations.